The management of Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation – LWSC wishes to inform its valued customers and the general public that with support from the World Bank under its Liberia Urban Water Supply Project, LWSC is concluding efforts to begin Test pumping of pipe borne water to Central Monrovia and its adjacent communities.
This Test pumping will among other things inform the Corporation of leaks and burst pipes for immediate repairs; highlight areas for rapid intervention and update the Corporation’s Central Monrovia customers’ directory as well as inform the Corporation on the exact communities’ in central Monrovia receiving water following its restoration.
In view of the above, the LWSC wants residents in the following communities which constitute Zone 3 of its service areas, NOT to drink the water when the test pumping begins shortly due to the cleaning of its distribution network.
The water can ONLY be used for flushing and cleaning and NOT for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing.
The communities concern include: Johansson, UN Drive, PHP community, Capitol Bye pass, Slipway community, Crown Hill, Bassa community, Mamba point, Ashmun street, Carey street, New port street, Mechlin street, Camp Johnson Road and Clay street
Other communities are: Benson street, Ducor community, Buzzy quarter, Warren street, Johnson street, Center street, Gurley street, Perry street, front street and Buchanan street.
Still others are: West point, Macdonald street, Lynch street, Broad street and Jallah’s Town Community.
LWSC assures all its valued customers, especially members of Zone 3 communities and the general public that it will duly communicate with members of the concerned communities on when its water in central Monrovia will be safe for drinking.
Also, the LWSC wants members of the concerned communities and the general public to kindly report leaks and burst pipes daily on the following numbers: 0777804050, 0887328070 & 0777652781.

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