Over twenty (20) employees of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) have been certificated by the Liberia Institute of Public Administration ( LIPA) in Customer Service & Marketing training.
The LWSC sales & marketing employees were certificated following one (1) intensive training by LIPA.
The LWSC had requested the LIPA to conduct several Human resource training for a significant number of its employees.
Under the new management team of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation,headed by former Grand Gedeh county senator G. Alphonso Gaye, capacity building of personnel is paramount.
The LWSC boss had committed his administration to explore numerous training opportunities for employees of the Corporation.
Speaking at the close of the one (1) week training, LIPA training Director George Nyanti admonished the LWSC employees to utilize the skills acquired to transform the Corporation, especially in the areas of customer service, sales and marketing.
According to Mr. Nyanti, customer services and marketing are important components of service oriented institutions like the LWSC.
” As we certificate you all today, please go change the LWSC with the skills we have given you”; Nyanti added.
Mr. Nyanti then reminded the customer service and marketing trained LWSC employees that the transformation that will be seen in the discharge of the duties will serve as a message for the LWSC to send additional employees.
” I expect to see many of your colleagues from the LWSC coming here for our training but it has to be seen by your bosses the high level of professionalism that you will exhibit after these few days”; LIPA training Director told his trainees.
For his part, the facilitator of the one (1) intensive training Tom Fannoh emphasized to the LWSC employees the need to treat their customers with high degrees of respect and care.
He noted this will attest firstly to the skills acquired and secondly, will lead to an increase in the LWSC customers base.
” Every customer wants to be treated nicely, go treat your customers decently in order to make more money for the Corporation.
Mr. Fannoh then commended the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation for requesting the Liberia Institute of Public Administration to train its customers.
He noted that it speaks highly of the confidence the LWSC has in LIPA,something he encouraged the trainees not to break.
” Go and serve well, your certification by LIPA today speaks volume of the confidence your institution has in our ability and I ask you all not to break this confidence”; facilitator Fannoh pleaded with the LWSC employees.
The LWSC is expected to send another batch of its employees to the Liberia Institute of Public Administration for another week intensive training.
LWSC training Manager Fatu Zinnah disclosed that the next phase of the Sales & Marketing will consider staff from key revenue generating sections inclusive of Cashiers and Account recievsbles.
The LWSC/ LIPA partnership is sponsored by the World Bank.
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