LWSC General Services Coordinator, Mr. Amos K. Nyemah, Jr. at the close of Monrovia’s One Day States Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Workshop.

The Workshop held under the Theme “Navigating the Path for Sustainable State-Owned Enterprises” was organized by the Bureau of State Enterprises In collaboration with the World Bank for all Heads of SOEs, SOEs Board, Chairpersons of Boards, Executive and Legislature.

Discussions at the one-day event highlighted the pressing need to develop strategies to enhance Corporate Governance and mitigate fiscal risks by strengthening the BSE Oversight Responsibilities, Revisiting the Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for SOE governance, and Ensuring SOEs Compliance with Financial Reporting Requirements.

Participants believe that by addressing Fiscal Risks through Good Corporate Governance practices, SOEs can protect their Assets, maintain Donors’ confidence, avoid Financial Crises, and ultimately contribute to the Economic Stability and Growth of the Country. Mr. Nyemah represented the LWSC’s Deputy Managing Director for Administration Hon. T. Wilson Gaye at the One Day Event.

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