About The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation

Safe Water Supply, Sanitation, and Good Hygiene at Affordable Cost to All People in Liberia


The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation was created by an Act to amend the Public Utilities Law in 1973. The Corporation is empowered to construct, install, establish, operate, manage, and supply to all parts of Liberia, safe drinking water and perform all sewerage services, as well as to maintain such water and sewerage facilities


In line with this Act, Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation was duly established in 1973 under an Act of the Legislature as a legal public corporation with the following objectives:

The provision, distribution, and supply of water in Liberia for public, domestic and industrial purposes


  1. To engage in the management, development, construction, installation, manufacture, operation, transmission, distribution, sale, and supply of all areas of water and sewage services and of equipment and facilities related thereto.
  2. To establish and maintain water and sewer facilities, offices, and/or agencies within and everywhere inside Liberia; and to exercise any or all of its corporate powers and rights in Liberia and in any foreign or countries, if need be.
  3. To determine fair and reasonable rates, fees, and charges which shall be charged in connection with the provision of water and sewage services.
  4. To manufacture, import, buy, sell, install, collect, generally deal in water and sewage services and to manufacture, buy, sell, and deal in all materials used in connection with the aforesaid services.
  5. To apply for, purchase, or by other means, acquire, hold, sell, assign, lease, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of and protect, and prolong and renew whether in the Republic of Liberia or elsewhere any patents, patent rights, licenses, protections, concessions, trademarks, and trade names and to use and turn account and to manufacture under a grant of license and to experiment upon and test and improve or seek to improve any patents, inventions, or rights which the corporation may acquire or propose to acquire.
  6. To acquire, build, operate, and dispose of all necessary convenient lands, buildings, structures, machinery, reservoirs, water towers, and all other things and devices incidental to the purposes of the corporation.
  7. To engage in and conduct studies and experiments to improve the suitability of water and sewer facilities and implement them to local conditions.
  8. To enter into, perform, and modify contracts, lease agreements, or any other transaction, or such terms as may be deemed appropriate with any Agency or instrumentality of the Government or with any other person, partnership, association, organization, or other entity, public or private, single or in combination.
  9. To accept and use gifts or donations of services, funds, or property (real, personal tangible, or intangible).
  10. To borrow or raise money for any purpose of the corporation, and acquire and dispense with  same upon such terms and conditions, and or such considerations as the Board of the corporation shall determine to be reasonable through purchase, exchange, discount, rediscount, public or private sale, negotiation, assignment, exercise of option or conversion of rights or otherwise, for cash or credit, with or without tangibles or intangibles, including but not limited to, mortgage, bonds, debentures (including convertible debentures) liens, pledges, and other collateral or security, contracts, claims, currencies, notes, drafts, bills of exchange, acceptances, including bankers acceptances, cable transfers, and all other evidence of indebtedness or ownership and guarantee payment against any instrument above specified
  11. To collect or compromise any obligations assigned or held by or any legal and equitable rights accruing to the corporation.
  12. To take any actions determined by the Board to be necessary or desirable in making, carrying out, servicing, compromising, liquidating, or otherwise dealing with or realizing any transaction or operation authorized under this chapter.