“Water usage by both private and commercial ships is significant to their operations and key to revenue generation” and this appears to be a key understanding of the new Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation G. Alphonso Gaye.
At the sidelines of the recently held Cabinet Retreat in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, MD Gaye took out time for an emergency meeting with the Management of the Port of Buchanan.
The LWSC _ Port of Buchanan meeting was intended to assess the current state of the Corporation’s infrastructure responsible to exclusively supply pipe borne to the Port of Buchanan for use by ships coming into the Sea Port.
” Considering the significance of our service to the Port, we cannot come to Buchanan and leave without assessing the possibility of restoring our much needed service “, MD Gaye told a his team during the tour .
According to the LWSC boss, restoring LWSC service to the Port of Buchanan is key to both institutions, noting that the while it is true that the Port needs the water ,his management desires an increase in its revenue capacity.
” We cannot have this major window of generating revenue without making maximum use of it but continue to struggle with paying salaries and handling other operational priorities”, an optimistic Gaye sounded.
The LWSC _ Port of Buchanan visit which saw the exclusive tour of the Corporation’s infrastructure at the Port is expected to be advanced in Monrovia with authorities of the National Port Authority, NPA .
The management of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation through its new Managing Director is seeking partnership with the Port authority for immediate water restoration to the Port of Buchanan.
It can be recalled that since the end of the Liberian Civil War, water supply to the Port of Buchanan has been impossible due to the destruction of the Corporation’s infrastructure at the Port.
It is key to mention, however, that fresh efforts were initiated by the Duannah Kamara’ s management of the Corporation but such could not be completed and the Corporation’s pipeline to the Port of Buchanan currently lies in ruins.
A significant portion of that pipeline is also reported stolen by unknown Individuals.

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