Our Vision




Realizing the importance of safe and clean drinking water as an essential element for life and as understanding the danger of an unsanitary environment as a threat to life, the Liberia water and Sewer corporation fully commits itself to:


–     Rehabilitate  water and sewer facilities throughout Liberia and improve and expand our services so as to meet the water needs of all  residents and improve their sewer facilities;


–    Ensure the satisfaction of all residents, institutions and industries through the production of safe and clean drinking water as well as the effective disposal of sewer waste;


–   Adopt cost-saving measures to improve the livelihood of our workforce while ensuring maximum productivity in our sustained efforts in the pursuit of our vision;


–   Effectively operate and maintain our facilities so as to guarantee sustainable water delivery and sewer disposal; and


–    Increase scientific knowledge of water and sanitation by research and training through collaboration with international waterworks organizations.