With all hands on desk,pipe borne water via the thirty _ six transmission line which supplies most parts of the city and its environs is expected soon.

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Under the supervision of Managing Director Hon.Duannah A.Kamara, some of Liberia' s best engineers in the employ of the Liberia Water And Sewer Corporation are currently working around the clock to restore the ruptured thirty_ six inches transmission line.

For days now, Hon. Kamara has left the comfort of his office to join engineers on the feild working to restore the damaged pipe.

The LWSC thirty_ six transmission line got ruptured recently affecting the supply of water to most parts of Monrovia and it's environs.

With the rigorous work being done and efforts exerted due to importance,the ruptured pipe restoration is only a couple of days away as MD. Kamara has ordered his men to consider the repair work a top priority  .

" We have assured our president that water is returning soon,let's work to ensure that gentlemen "; MD Kamara told engineers working on the damaged thirty-six.

Meanwhile, unhindered water supply via the sixteen inch transmission line is well on course  supplying the Bushrod Island and communities adjacent.